April 12, 2011

Bethany Qualifies for God's Help

Today I wanted to tell you a piano story.  It’s about Bethany, who is serving a mission in San Diego, California. 

When Bethany was a girl, she took a few piano lessons from her piano-teacher Mom.  She loved learning how to play the music, so practicing the piano was fun.  Bethany would hog the piano and practice.  Her Mom would just leave music on the piano that was just a bit challenging and Bethany would start learning it.  She became skilled enough that when she was about 15, she served as ward choir pianist, which she did until she left for college.  Now that she’s serving a mission, she has opportunities to play for church and firesides often.  Most of her letters mention playing the piano for different meetings.

Recently Bethany wrote this to her family:  
Last week, I was given two more songs to play for the fireside on Sunday.  Well, it always stresses me out but I usually can whip them out well enough.  Well, Thursday came and I started to practice the music.  Oh my goodness, one was a ‘gospel’ jazzy song and it was so cool but so hard!!  I had to practice for two other songs and so I was freaking out.  Saturday for the practice, I still couldn't play it because I don't have a ton of time to practice and by Sunday night, I was really freaking out.  All day, I prayed and prayed and prayed that I would be able to play it for the fireside.  Finally Sunday night came and ahhhhhhh!!!!  We practiced with the missionaries before and it was rough and then it came time to play for the fireside and I was so nervous.  Then the song started and I played it almost perfectly!! 

Oh my goodness, I was not even the one moving my fingers and at the end, I just sat in my seat and thanked God with all my heart that He helped me play the song!  I also had to play the last song for a group of elders and my fingers and hands were dead so it was rough because they just ached but it sounded good and wow!  What an experience!!  But I am starting to realize what a gift from God it is that I can play the piano.  It isn't me at all!!  

I have been really strongly seeing the hand of God, and have seen how much He really cares about those little things that are so important to us.  We have been having incredible lessons and guidance as we have listened to the promptings of the Holy Ghost.  

Bethany’s practice paid off!  Not only can she play in her church service, but she has proven God.  When she is confronted with something harder than she is able to perform, when she’s practiced as much as she could, and prayed for help, Heavenly Father has shown that He will make up the difference. 
She’s learned how to get Heavenly Fathers help in doing really hard things.  Isn’t this cool?

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