June 6, 2011

Young Triathlete Spencer Carries Friend Along

This is Jeremy.  This story is about two boys who did the unthinkable.  One of them, Spencer Zimmerman, was a runner by the time he was 8 years old and when he was nine, he got first place in the 19 and under category for a triathlon. A triathlon is a race consisting of a 400-meter swim, 12-mile Bike ride, and a 5k run. Recently, Spencer was ordained as President of the Deacons Quorum in his ward and he felt a desire to watch over and take care of the members of his quorum. Dayton Hayward, also 13, is a friend of his in the quorum but he has cerebral palsy. The condition does not allow him to move his own muscles actively.

               Spencer had a great respect for Dayton. He could feel the spirit about him. The triathlete learned later that Dayton had a great love for the wind in his face. This fact, along with others, helped Spencer make the decision to be Dayton’s metaphorical legs in a triathlon.

               The parents in both families are very surprised and proud of this decision and are so glad for this opportunity. The Hayward’s try to bring Dayton on many activities like hunting, camping and boating but a triathlon is a whole new experience. “It’s a pay day as a parent to see your child make a decision that you had nothing to do with,” says Shelly Zimmerman (mom of Spencer), “that he did on his own.” 

By, Jeremy 

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