August 21, 2012

First Eagle Scout Arthur Eldred Sets a Great Example

Arthur Eldred in 1912, after receiving his Eagle Scout Award and the BSA Honor Medal for saving a life.
This  month marks 100 years of Eagle Scouts!  One hundred years ago on August 1, 1912, the first Eagle Board of Review was held for the first Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America organization.  Scoutmaster Joe Curran wrote a speech about the first Eagle Scout for his son’s Eagle Court of Honor.  It's so well-written, I didn't want to summarize or change anything.  Use this link to access it:

The first American Eagle Scout Arthur Eldred set a great example for all of the millions of Eagle Scouts to follow.  My husband and two older sons have earned this honor.  I hope my two remaining sons will work hard to also earn it so they can be a part of this honorable group.  And further, I hope all Eagle Scouts will continue the tradition of greatness that Arthur Eldred started.

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