May 27, 2013

No Lack of Heroes Causing Lack of Posts

May is a crazy month at our house, hence the lack of posts in May.  Every May our family struggles to stay ahead of end-of-year activities at the three schools that the kids attend.  Last year I got ahead by writing several posts early and posting them weekly.  Not this year...

So I forgive myself and enjoy the week anyway.  I'll be back on track in June.  There is no lack of heroes, it's just a full life with the attendant responsibilities that come to a Mom with a large family. 

I find myself in the enviable position of being surrounded by my kids and grand-kids, with my parents along, on our family vacation to the beach.  The ocean waves rhythmically wash ashore outside my window just 40 feet away as I type this.  A day of body-surfing or boogie-boarding and sea shell collecting is unfolding as the kids awake and prepare for fun.  Observing the Sabbath yesterday at Church just heightened our anticipation to hit the surf today.  It will be our first time in the water since arriving on the South Carolina coast on Saturday afternoon. 

Arranging this weeks' vacation took stressful effort which, combined with the typical over-scheduled month, took all of my energy.  Was it worth it?  Oh yes.  No doubt!  The downer is that the hero blog is neglected.  Heroes go unnoticed.  But they will wait.  There are so many great lives to honor, I will forgive myself and enjoy the week.  Kids are slathering on sunscreen and gathering their swim gear.  Time to get back to the present and bask in this loving family.  It is my greatest blessing.

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