May 23, 2011

Girls Camp Skill in the Hands of Jeannie Castillo Saves Brother

This is Stephanie.  Today I am going to tell you about one of my best friends, Jeanie Castillo. I have known Jeanie since seventh grade. She has two brothers, Jared and Jason.  Jason is seven and he has Down syndrome. I don’t know if you know what that means, but I’ll tell you anyway. Down syndrome is something that Jason was born with and it means that his brain doesn’t develop the same way that yours or mine does. Jason is a very happy kid and spreads sunshine wherever he goes. Everybody who meets him loves him.
               Well, one day, the Castillo family was at a party at a friend’s house, when they realized that Jason was missing. They started looking for him. Jeanie’s dad felt that he needed to check the pool, where they found Jason floating. Jeanie’s dad pulled him straight out and gave him a blessing, but Jason wasn’t breathing and he didn’t have a pulse. Someone called 9-1-1, and Jeanie felt impressed to start doing CPR, which she learned at Girl’s camp. Let me tell you, Stephen, it is a miracle that she remembered how to do it. I have to re-learn it every year for Girl’s camp, and this is my seventh year! The holy Ghost must have been working with her that day, because by the time the ambulance got there, Jason had a weak pulse. Jeanie’s quick thinking saved his life.
               Jason went into a coma for a couple of weeks, and after that, he was hooked up to a machine that helped him breathe, but he was able to come home for Christmas after three months in the hospital, which was the best Christmas present for them. Today, he is just as happy and smiling as ever, and his family is so grateful for that. Jeanie is heading out to BYU this fall, at the same time as me, so that she can become a teacher that helps other kids like Jason. She is one of the nicest people I know and she has helped me a lot in my life.
               This story has taught me that God does care about us and is there to help us. Although it wasn’t easy for the Castillos when Jason was so sick, God helped Jason get completely better, and the Castillos are so grateful for that. God also helped Jeanie to know what to do to save Jason’s life.
                                             By Stephanie

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