May 5, 2011

LIttle Mary Saves her Family with Water

By Paige Johnson

I would like to tell you the story of my great great great great aunt on my Mom's side.  Her name was Mary Campbell Steele and she saved her parent's lives when she was very young.

It all began while her father was away in 1845.  Mary's mother became very sick and was very feverish.  When her father returned, he too soon became ill.  Before long, sickness befell her littles sister, Margaret and her little brother, John.  Her family became so sick that they couldn't get any water for each other or for themselves.

Miraculously, Mary had been spared from the sickness and was able to care for her family.  Mary brought little cups of water to the sick family members.  Sadly, her two ill siblings died from the sickness, but her parents survived.  But at the climax of the illness, her parents were very ill and seemed to be about to die.  A woman called Mother Bullock even came to speak with John and demanded to have Mary because he and his wife were about to die.  John refused and proved her wrong when he and his wife survived the terrible illness.

Mary was only four or five when these things occurred and that's amazing to me for her to be able to do that.  Kids CAN do hard things.  I hope my story, really my great great great aunt's, helped you.  To me the moral of the story is that everyone has a purpose in this life and Heavenly Father will always find ways to help you in times of trouble.

Heavenly Father loves you and wants what's best for you.  But sometimes life won't be perfect and He may help you in ways you might not expect or want.  I know I sound like a cheesy grownup, but I just wanted you to know that.  (Story gleaned from John Steele's Autobiography)

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